About us

IMMKO (Mandalianos & Psilaki G.P.) was established in 2007. Our mission is to build value for our clients by providing quality e-business consulting and integrated services on e-business.

Based on knowledge and inspired by clients’ vision, IMMKO can design, create and mostly support technological solutions that satisfy specific business requirements.

Among others, IMMKO’s competitive advantages are:

IMMKO’s executives and personnel have high-level, specialized education and training in e-business
Company’s strategy focus to offer qualified e-business services at the optimum price
IMMKO cooperate in a regular base with organizations such as universities and public – private development agents that promote innovation and knowledge
At present, developing a variety of activities and projects, IMMKO makes its steps in the complicated field of e-business. IMMKO’s services cover most e-business activities, excluding hardware trading.

Company’s services can be summarized in the following categories:

  • E-business Consulting
  • E-business strategy & plans (business and marketing plans)
  • Web sites’ design and Development
  • Technical and business (marketing) support of web sites and applications
  • Custom Software Development and implementation
  • Support of networks and electronic systems
  • Proposals’ preparation for the participation of the customers in European and National e-business projects and initiatives
  • Training Services
  • Research on e-business

IMMKO has certain competitive advantages:

The organization currently engages in a wide range of endeavors and hopes to become a dominant force in the intricate world of e-business in the upcoming years.
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Why us

Selecting IMMKO as your technology partner is a wise decision for the following 5 + 1 reasons:

1) Added Value.
Our philosophy is to offer the best ratio of value and price (value for money).

2) Expert Knowledge.
We only focus on the field of e-business, with highly specialized staff.

3) Integrated Services.
We provide a wide range of complementary technological services and products that are constantly expanding.

4) Ongoing Support.
For us, every partnership continues long after the tasks have been completed. The long-lasting result is ensured through ongoing support.

5) Experience.
Since 2007, we have successfully provided our systems to more than 1600 users throughout Greece.

6) Professional Conduct.
We like everything to start and end with a smile, honesty and consistency. You?